If you’re interested either in tech, health or lifestyle, you’re in the right place!

This blog is made for you if you are either of the following:

  • in a tech related program in university
  • considering in going into a tech related program in university
  • a woman in a male-dominated industry
  • in need of entertainment and love new tips!

Who am I?

I’m Maxine, a Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I am from Montreal, Canada but I’ve also lived in Toronto and Waterloo. I am at my third year at UWaterloo and I have completed 4 coops as part of my program so far.

When I’m not at work or doing some school work, I love working out, especially cycling and pilates, baking and travelling.

What is this Blog for?

My goal for this blog is to help get rid of the stereotype of women in tech. I believe diversity needs a bigger place in the tech industry.

My posts are about everything in my life, from my experience at university to my favorite workouts and recipes.

I hope to encourage some of you to explore a STEM career and to encourage diversity in the field!

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For inquiries, contact me at my email address, mmheir@gmail.com