My 2021 Resolutions

January 1, 2021
My 2021 Resolutions

Ever since I was little, my mother would ask my siblings and I to make resolutions every year and to share them with the family (and would give us our new year stocking once we did). Sharing our resolutions is a type of manifestation so I decided to share mine for 2021 on the blog this year to manifest them to the world and maybe give you ideas for yours or inspire you to make some!

Create a Morning Routine

Since I’ve been working from home and doing online school, mornings have been disorganised and painful for me. Before Christmas, I would let myself sleep until I absolutely had to wake up, skip breakfast on days I had early meetings, dress with the first thing I saw when I woke up and many more unhealthy and unorganized habits. This year, I want to wake up at a reasonable time and accomplish things before having to start my workday such as practice gratitude, eat breakfast, do yoga, etc.

Action: Make a realistic morning routine on my phone (so I can always refer back to it) which I will start to implement 4-5 days before starting school in order to get into the rythm of things. I also need to go to bed earlier in order to get enough sleep and wake up refreshed.

Establish a Workout Schedule

Working out has always been an important part of my life, but I use to be a lot more serious about it. In 2020, I didn’t have a workout schedule and would rarely workout more than twice a week, which is not enough for my usually active self. This year, I want to set a specific day for fitness activities such a Pilates, HIIT, cardio workouts, yoga, etc to bring more structure to my workout routine and to integrate more fitness in my life.

Action: Find types of workouts I want to do every week and find convenient days to do them. If I find myself skipping some of the workouts, I will readjust the schedule to make sure I respect it.

See the Positive in the Bad

We’ve all had our fare share of bad news in 2020 and there’s nothing guaranteeing we’ll be faced with less in 2021. Bad news are things we can’t control which can be frustrating. However, something we can control is how we view those news. Therefore, I am challenging myself this year to look for the positive in every bad news/situations I may get/find myself in 2021.

Action: Whenever I get bad news, instead of telling myself “this is horrible”, “I wish this didn’t happen”, etc, I will think “What good comes out of this?” and “How can I use this experience towards my current goals?”.

Focus when doing something

I can confidently say I have never been as distracted as I was in 2020. I knew working from home and doing school online was going to be an adjustment, but I didn’t think the thing I would struggle with the most would be my focus. I lost a tremendous amount of time on my phone, cleaning, rearranging things while I should have been working. In consequence, I’ve had to spend twice the amount of time to do a task. I want to be focussed and efficient this year which will enable me to get more done everyday.

Action: When I need to concentrate, I will put my phone away and clean my workspace to eliminate as many distractions as possible. I will also try to take breaks during the day in order to allocate time to do things like go on my phone, clean my room, etc. I will also make sure to get enough sleep.

Read one book per month

This resolution is a front for another one: stop scrolling on my phone at night. I’ve been going to sleep late because of my scrolling mindlessly on social media before bed. I have noticed reading before bed makes me fall asleep quicker and improve my sleep. This year, I want to read a few pages of a book every night before going to bed.

Action: Find interesting books to read and keep my Kindle on my nightstand so I see it when I go to bed.

Carve some time for content inspiration, content creation and blog post writing

When I first started my blog, I was good at planning my content and time to write my blog posts. However, as the year went by, I struggled to keep that level of organization. I also never planned my Instagram content, which hurt me in the long term as I ended up spending more time working on my Instagram content since it wasn’t planned. This year, I want to be more organized with my content creation. I also want to reserve specific times to do some research on types of content I could create which will help have a better vision when creating my content.

Action: Carve out time for content inspiration and creation in my weekly schedule. Plan my blog posts and Instagram posts ahead, making sure not to overload my schedule during busy school seasons.

Invest my money and create a budget

This has been something I have put off for way too long. I need to make sure I am making smart choices based on my short- and long-term goals when it comes to my money, especially since I’m graduating next year. Also, since I have two school terms this year and less work terms, my money income will be lower than last year. Therefore, I want to create a monthly budget to make sure I am tracking how I am spending my money.

Action: I will write down my short- and long-term goals which could affect my spending and do research of investments which would make sense for me. I will also do research on budgeting and create myself a realistic budget based on my wants and needs.

Let me know what your 2021 resolutions are!