Holiday Gift Guide – The Workaholic Edition

November 23, 2020
Holiday Gift Guide – The Workaholic Edition

I’m starting off my gift guides series with a guide for workaholics! Being a workaholic at times myself, I’ve included must haves and nice to have for people always hustling, married to their job(s), with stress levels through the roof and who spend endless hours at their desk. Enjoy!
Please notes that all the prices listed are in CAD

Desk plant - (From $10 to $50)

Help them spice up their desk game. desk plant

Balance seating disc (USA, CAN) - $36

Great for people who wish they had more time to workout - they will be able to work on strengthening their core all day, even in meetings. desk disc

Coffee subscription (Dispatch coffee) - $55 for 1 bag/month for 3 months (Multiple customizable gift subscriptions available)

This is a must for coffee lovers - it’ll not only allow them to try out different types of coffee but it will also make sure they never run out of it! This is a great gift especially during this pandemic era. Dispatch Coffee

Desk phone holder (USA, CAN) - $15

A phone holder is a desk essential as it allows you to see your notifications without having to pickup your phone while keeping your charger plugged in. Phone holder

Muji Pens - $13 for a pack of 9

They’re my absolute favorite pens and you won’t need to break the bank to get them! Phone holder

Essential oils (USA, CAN) - $20 for 6

These are great to keep around for when stress levels get high. Essential oil

Matching set (My favorite ones are from Aritzia) - ~$160

This is the perfect gift for someone working from home. Offer them both comfort and style. Matching Set

Headspace Subscription - $70 per year, $13 per month

This app is a MUST for anyone who has a lot on their plate. Headspace

Mug warmer (USA, CAN) - $34

Make sure their drink never gets cold, no matter how long it takes for them to drink it. Mug Heater

Lap desk (USA, CAN) - $40

To take their work anywhere! Lap Desk

Notepad daily planner (USA, CAN) - $16


Subscription to Skillshare - $141 per year, $20 per month

This gift will allow the recipient to expand their skill set and learn from expert without commiting to a specific course or a certain schedule. SkillShare

Cute notebook(s) (Checkout these cute ones from Amazon - USA, CAN) - ~$20

No one has too many notebook, especially cute ones. Cute Notebook

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming in the next weeks. Follow my Instagram to get notified when they come out!