My 2020 Tech/Programming Content Creators Recommendations (for All Programming levels)

October 20, 2020
My 2020 Tech/Programming Content Creators Recommendations (for All Programming levels)

Resources for you if you’re a beginner

My advice to beginners would be to watch videos, do a course or read up on programming to learn how to do it and once that’s done, try realizing a project. You’ll never feel fully ready to do a project; don’t let that stop you, you’ll learn everything you need for your project along the way. Here are some resources on ho

YouTube Channels

Traversy Media

They have hour long crash courses videos about programming languages and frameworks.
Here are some videos you can checkout:
JavaScript crash course
Python crash course

Programming Knowledge

This channel has wide range of tutorials for beginners on programming languages such as C++, Python and JavaScript.
Here are some videos you can checkout:
C++ tutorial for beginners (for Absolute Beginners)
Data Structures and Algorithms Playlist


Khan Academy (free), Coursera (free && $$), Udemy ($$), Code Academy ($$)


They provide a bunch of lessons in most popular programming languages separated in a basic and an advanced section as well as an exercise section.

JavaScript for cats

This is a great resource if you want to learn JavaScript, but you don’t want to do a complicated course or go through a bunch of YouTube playlists. This website holds all the JavaScript basics you need to know in a single web page.

This resource has tutorials on multiple programming languages.

Resources for you if you know how to program but are looking to expand their knowledge

You can look at the beginner’s resources if you want to learn a new language. Expanding your knowledge in programming includes learning frameworks or mobile development.

YouTube Channels


This channel has great resources to learn web development frameworks.

Here are some videos you can checkout:
React/Redux Tutorials Playlist
Angular Tutorials

Code with Chris

Chris makes videos on iOS development and has great videos for those who want to go about learning it. His tutorials include Swift, Objective-C and Firebase, as well as tutorials on building projects. He also does one minute videos on iOS programming topics such as the SwiftUI Button or Xcode’s best shortcuts.

Here are some videos you can checkout:
Swift Tutorials for Beginners Playlist
How to make a Youtube Video App Playlist
One Minute Videos Playlist

Learn Code Academy:

This channel has great tutorials on web development and a crash course on machine learning if that’s something you’d like to learn. It also offers tutorials on web development Frameworks such as React or Vue.js.

Here are some videos you can checkout:
Machine Learning Crash Course
Web Development Tutorials Playlist
Vue.js Tutorials Playlist

Simon Grimms

Simon’s channel has great tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to build application using the Ionic SDK.
Here are some videos you can check out:
Ionic for Beginners Playlist
Ionic Advanced Tutorials Playlist

Websites and Blogs

Skill Crush

They have great blog posts on programming such as differences between languages or what is a web developer.

David Walsh

This is a great in-dept JavaScript resource and has great project ideas.

Resources for You if you’re interested in understanding how computers and programming works, not necessarily the nitty gritty of how you program

YouTube Channels

Tom Scott

His basic playlist also has great miscellaneous computer science/tech related videos. His “How to build an app” playlist tackles important things to think about when building an app that are not technical (eg: minimum viable product).

Here are some videos to checkout:
The Fetch-Execute Cycle:
Are There Problems That Computers Can’t Solve?

Derek Banas

Derek’s channel offers a wide variety of videos from programming languages tutorials to framework tutorials.

Here are some videos to checkout:
Assembly language Playlist
MongoDB Tutorial Playlist


This channel has amazing videos explaining computer science concepts. They also have great videos explaining the programming behind things we use everyday.

Here are some videos to checkout:
How Password Managers work
Slopes of Machine Learning
Regular Expressions


One lone coder makes videos about programming about what he calls “documented projects”. His videos are mostly about algorithms and ideas rather than language specific tutorials. His videos are presented in C++ but are general enough to be understood at the concept level rather than at the programming level.

Here are some videos to checkout:
8 Bits of… Playlist
Brute Force Processing


Thinking about getting into AI and Machine Learning? This channel explains the fundamentals of neural networks and had great content for understanding the math of AI and Machine Learning.

Here are some videos to checkout:
Neural Networks Playlist
Essence of Linear Algebra playlist

Websites and Blog

This website shares resources on different data science topics.