My Work from Home Essentials (Work Equipment + Workspace Essentials)

October 20, 2020
My Work from Home Essentials (Work Equipment + Workspace Essentials)

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I recently upgraded my workspace setup and I wanted to share the details of what I use on a daily basis as a software engineer intern!

Samsung 4k Monitor

Samsung 4k monitor

It was my first time buying a monitor so I didn’t really know which one to get. This one had great specs and was well priced so I decided to go for it! I’ve been loving it so far, it’s great for everyday use if you’re a programmer. The image quality is good and I find it has the perfect dimensions. I’m not a gamer which means graphics isn’t something I’m highly picky on. The one thing I dislike about this monitor is that it isn’t adjustable. However, this isn’t anything to stress over, you can definitely add books or buy a stand to mount it on.

I hooked my monitor to my computer using this Display port to USB Type-C cable. This allows me to take advantage of the full capacities of the monitor such as the monitor’s maximum refresh rate.

Macbook Pro 13inch Without Touch Bar

I was already in the Apple ecosystem before purchasing this computer so I knew I wanted a MacBook. My top reasons for choosing a Macbook was that they are great for programming and no other machine compare to the user experience on a Macs. I chose the 13inch model since at the time, I had to bring my laptop to class everyday and I used to have the 2015 15inch model which I hated bringing to class. I found it took too much space on the tables and it was heavy in my bag. Also, I decided to opt out of the touch bar option (which I’m not sure is even possible anymore) since I didn’t need it. I would rather spend my 200$ on other desk appliances. I have gotten to experience the touch bar on my work computer and the only thing I really use it for is for TouchID, so I’m happy with my decision of not getting it on my personal laptop.

Logitech MX keys for Mac

Logitech MX Keys for Mac (Canada, USA)

This keyboard has everything I need as a programmer. First, it’s Bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about having a clustered workspace because of all the wires. Second, you can pair your device with up to 3 devices by clicking the keyboard’s easy-switch buttons. This is ideal for people like me who have to switch computers between their personal and work laptops. Third, I love how Logitech payed attention to detail with this keyboard and made it an option to enable the backlit keys. Keys can light up without even having to touch them: you just have to bring your fingers close to the keys. Fourth, I can charge the keyboard using the same charger as my computer. I don’t know for you but the less wires I can use, the better! Lastly, the style of the keyboard is beautiful and matches the Mac’s style. It’s neutral and easy to fit in most workspaces!

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Logitech MX3 mouse (Canada, USA)

I love this new mouse from Logitech. I love its sleek style and the way it feels in my hand. The mouse connects to your computer via Bluetooth so again, you don’t have to worry about having wires cramping up your space. The mouse can last up to 70 days on a single charge and you don’t need an extra wire to charge it: you can charge it using your computer’s charger! The mouse comes in 3 colors: pale grey, rose and graphite, so there’s one for every taste. This mouse is great for programming as it is super portable and can track on any surface, which means you don’t need to bring your mouse pad everywhere you work. This mouse also has a Magspeed wheel which automatically shifts from line-by-line scrolling to free-spinning when you scroll faster. This is great for when you’re browsing a Stack Overflow question with longer responses or you need to make modifications in a long code file. This is the kind of details I value when choosing a mouse since they make programming easier .

AirPods Pro

Airpods pro (Canada, USA)

I got these a year ago and I love them. This is my first Bluetooth headphone pair which was revolutionary for me. Honestly, if you’re working from home full time, you have to get your hands on a hands free pair of headphones. I love the airpods because as I said earlier, I am fully into the Apple ecosystem so the AirPods integrate perfectly with both my computer and my phone. My favorite feature from those airpods are the noise cancelling feature. I moved back home with my family during the pandemic, so I live with 4 other humains and a dog. Needless to say I am grateful to have noise cancelling headphones when I’m in meetings or when I’m trying to focus. I sometimes even just put them on, without music or any sounds, to block out the sounds around me!

Ikea vase with Pampas grass

Pampas Grass

I got mine at a small flower shop in Montreal and I couldn’t be happier with the way they look. I love having plants in my workspace and I used to have fresh flowers throughout the summer. However, I figured it would look better to have a plant I could keep throughout Fall and Winter. Pampas grass look great in clear setups since they complement perfectly white and beige colors. They are dead plants so they require no care which I love and they can look good in small or bigger vases.

Ikea Vase

I am truly obsessed with this vase I got from Ikea. I think it looks super chic and elegant, and looks amazing on my work desk! It’s quite inexpensive and such a cute decoration you can change up depending on what you decide to put in it.

Candles with clear vases

Candles from Ikea

Candles are a must on my desk. I love lighting them when I’m studying at night or just having them as decoration as they give an elegant look to my setup. I put my candles in glass jars I got from the Dollar Store (Here are some similar ones I found on Amazon: Canada, USA) to give them a classy French look without cramping my desk!

Generation by Knoll

Generation Chair from Knoll

This is my dad’s old office chair which he gave me when he bought a new one. I think it’s definitely a pricey chair and I think younger folks can find cheaper chairs that do the trick. However, if your company offers work from home expenses, I think it’s a great investment and you should go for it! I find the chair has great lumbar support and that there is a lot of ways to adjust it (armrest, height, recline, etc). The back panel is extremely fexible which I like since it gives room for my back to move freely.

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

To be very honest, I bought this charger because it was cheap and I thought it would look cute on my desk. However, I have found it so useful and it’s definitely become a desk essential for me. I love being able to put down my phone and having it charge while I work. It can also often be a life saver to quickly charge my AirPods between meetings without having to add extra wires on my desk. The Ikea one I linked isn’t the best quality, but my point is that having a wireless charger in your workspace is a must-have in my opinion. If you’re planning on buying the Ikea one, note that it does not come with any wires so you’ll have to get the USB Type-C plug additionally.

Desk from Ikea

This is easily my favorite workspace item. I love how spacious the desk is. I can easily fit a 28 inches monitor, a computer, a keyboard, a mouse, candles, a lamp, a wireless charger, a vase and Halloween decorations and still feel like I have extra space. I was initially scared the color would look cheap as it has fake wood pattern, but I think it gives a subtle coloring in my setup and the light color brightens my workspace. I initially wanted the Alex drawers to go underneath for storage but every time I went to Ikea they were sold out. Turns out I actually enjoy not having them since it leaves a lot of room for my legs underneath the table.

Ikea Lamp

Lamp from Ikea

This lamp has such a cool shape and ties in well with the minimalistic vibe I was going for. It’s super adjustable and it’s an LED lamp so the lighting is awesome for those late-night study sessions. You can choose to either plug the lamp in your computer, which is awesome to limit the number of cable you have in your workspace, or plug it in the wall. I find it makes a statement piece on my desk that’s not just pretty but also useful.

Halloween decorations

I got all my Halloween decorations from the Dollar Store. I tried staying withing the white and orange colors scheme so the decorations wouldn’t clash with the rest! I love adding theme candles and LED lights to get myself in the Halloween mood. Checkout your local Dollar Store, Target or Home Sense to find some similar pieces. I also got small pumpkins from a local market as they add freshness to my workspace.

Note: In an effort to be as transparent as possible, all the Amazon links in this blog posts are generated from my affiliate program. This mean I make a commission whenever a purchase is made through that link!

What are your workspace essentials? Do we have any similar workspace equipment? Let me know in the comment section!