Holiday Gift Guide – The Online School Student Edition

November 26, 2020
Holiday Gift Guide – The Online School Student Edition

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Online school will most likely be a reality for students next year (or more!), so why use this Christmas to gift them some equipment that will make it more enjoyable? Please notes that all the prices listed are in CAD

Slippers (USA, CAN) - between $25 - $56

A must to stay warm while watching online lectures!


Starbucks gift card - ~$20

For the days they’ll need a little pick me up. No problem if you can’t give it to them physically: there are options to send it by email or even by iMessage!

Starbucks gift card

Pastel highlighters (USA, CAN) - $14

Their notes will be so beautiful it’ll make them want to study!


Snack basket care package (Build a SmartSweets box or this junk food basket) - ~$50 (cheaper if you make it yourself)

These are a life saver for late night study sessions! You can choose to either make your own or buy a pre-made one like the one I linked. I thought I’d introduce SmartSweets since I just discovered it and I think it’s the coolest thing. It’s a healthy alternative to traditional candies as Smartsweet candies have no added sugar and artificial sweetners, no gmo and it containes plant-based fiber! Oh and it’s a female owned business.

Snack basket care package

Blue light glasses (USA, CAN) - $30

This is essential for online school students as they stare at screens all day! Blue light glasses help me avoid headaches and sleep better after a day of staring at my computer.

Blue Light Glasses

Wearable oversized sherpa blanket (USA, CAN) - $57

I bought this for my sister last Christmas and she has been living in it ever since! This is the best study companion.

Wearable blanket

Remarkable - $600

This is a great alternative to an ipad. It’s a paper like notebook that will help you stay organized without keeping tracks of thousands of loose leaves and notebooks.


Cute pencil case (Checkout this one from Muji) - $2.25

Everyone needs a pencil case so why not offer a pretty one!

Pencil case

Cozy socks (Checkout these ones from Simons) - $22

You can’t wear a cozy outfit without the appropriate accessories!

cozy socks

Picture frame (with a picture of your choice in it) - ~$5

This is such a good gift as it’s very personal and perfect to keep on a desk. It’ll remind them of their loved ones when they’re having a tough day.

Picture Frame

Cute mug (Checkout this one from Anthropologie) - $12

So they can start their day in style. Anthropologie and Indigo have some great ones.

Cute Mug

Subscription to a workout app/online studio (Checkout the BBFit app) - $20/month, $195/year

A balanced life is the key to good grades!

Online studio subscription

Water bottle with time marks on - $22

This will make sure they drink their water throughout the day.

Water Bottle

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming in the next weeks. Follow my Instagram to get notified when they come out!