Holiday Gift Guide – The Techie Edition

December 6, 2020
Holiday Gift Guide – The Techie Edition

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Here are some gift ideas for the tech and gadgets lovers in your life.
Please notes that all the prices listed are in CAD

Computer Mouse (Checkout the MX Anywhere 3 from Logitech) - $100

MX Anywhere 3

Wireless Headphones (Checkout the Apple Airpod Pro or the Bose QuietComfort 35 II) - $350

I would suggest to get noise cancelling wireless headphones especially if the person you’re giving it to is working remotely!


Wireless Charger (Checkout this one I have from Amazon (USA, CAN)) - $37.49

Wireless Charger

Phone Case (Checkout this Casetify one) - from $13

I usually get my phone cases from Casetify because you can find the cutest phone cases without having to sacrifice the quality of protection!

Casetify Phone case

LED light strips (Checkout these ones from Amazon) - from $23.79

This will help step up their desk/bedroom/house game!

LED Lights

Smart plugs (Checkout this one from Amazon) - $30

smart plug

Desk Pad (Checkout this one from Amazon) - $26

My brother gifted me the Amazon desk pad for my birthday and I’ve been loving it so far! It looks so good on my desk and I love the fact that you can roll it and bring it everywhere with you.

Desk Pad

Wireless Keyboard (Checkout the MX Keys from Logitech) - $130

MX Keys

Virtual Laser Keyboard (Checkout this one from Amazon) - $62

I feel like this is such a cool gadget to own and to keep in your purse. This is also a great idea for kids to give as a spy gadget!

Laser Keyboard

SEGA Genesis mini - $107.72

DEGA Genesis mini

Smart light bulbs (Checkout the Pillips hue ones or this cheaper version from Amazon) - from $20

These are great stocking stuffers and are great for lazy people who hate getting up to turn on/off the lights! Smart bulb

Programming book (Ex: “Cracking the coding interview” or “Clean Architecture”) - from $36.88

Programming books

Ergonomic desk chair (Checkout this one from Knoll) - $890

If they don’t have one already, this is an essential especially if the person is working remotely!

Ergonomic chair

Online programming courses (Ex: a Udemy class or a Udemy pro subscription) - between $20 - $200


Drone (Checkout this one from Amazon) - $150


Ember Smart mug - $128

This mug allows you to control the temperature, receive notifications and set custom presets for your mug! I think this is such a great gadget for coffee/tea lovers and for people who love to integrate tech in their daily routine.

Ember Mug

VR headset (Checkout this one from Oculus) - $460

Oculus Quest 2

Phone UV sanitizer (Checkout this Samsung one) - $70

A very on-brand present for this year. UV Phone Sanitizer

Whoosh screen cleaner - $22.49


Raspberri Pi - $35

Allow them to create their own tech gagets! Raspberry Pi

Moleskin smart pen - $170

This pen transfers everything you write to your mobile device. Moleskin pen

ZUD smart vehicle Health Monitor - $59

This is an awesome gift for anyone who is not too good with cars. Smart vehicle

Smart mirror (Make your own!) - between $100-200

I started making one with my father a few years ago and are planning to complete it this Christmas break. This is such a cool gift you can build yourself and I can guarantee the person you’ll gift it to will be impressed. Smart Mirror

3d pen (Checkout this one from Amazon) - $60

3D pen

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming in the next weeks. Follow my Instagram to get notified when they come out!